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Established horse trekking and horse riding holiday´s in the Alpujarras, Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain! A unique trekking centre based in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. Made famous by its Moorish influences and impressive horses. Come and experience the Spanish trails and countryside. Hassle and trouble free.

Buy Diazepam Belfast

Buy Diazepam, Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery

  • Explore a beautiful part of the Alpujarras
  • Convenient and close access from Granada, Salobreña, Nerja and Almuñecar
  • Ride free from traffic and walkers
  • Over 300 days of sunshine a year!
  • Lets us show you our secret trails!
As seen in the Guardian “Rule number one. You are on a horse, not a Chopper, so do not lean back hoping for a wheelie. You will look stupid

Valium Mastercard

Alpujarra Rides

Alpujarra Ride!

The beautiful and extremely diverse land of the Alpujarras ranges from pine forests and alpine meadows, wooded valleys and gorges, to almond, olive and orange groves.
Sierra Nevada Horse Rides

Ride Sierra Nevada!

The southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range through ancient oak forests, logging trails of the pine forests and the idyllic Poqueria valley
White Village Ride

White Villages Ride

The Alpujarra White Village Ride, take in the beauty of Horse Riding In Spain's famous white villages and beautiful backdrop views of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
White Village Ride

Day Treks

Come try a two hour trek for beginners or experienced riders in the Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada National Park. We have something for everyone!

Contact us

The Origins

Sarah Vesey of Caballo Blanco established the riding centre back in 1993. Since then it has grown to become one of the leading and most well known equestrian centres in Andalucia.

On offer are rides between 1 hour and multi-day excursions into the hills and mountains. Novices and children are most welcome, as are single travelers. For the advanced rider there are challenging trails on offer in the glorious mountain scenery of the Sierra Nevada.

The Trekking Centre

We offer horse riding holidays in Spain´s most southern mountain range. We are situated on a small plateau at a height of 1200 metres above the spa town of Lanjaron in the Alpujarra region of Andalucia, close to Granada and the Costa Tropical resorts of Nerja, Almuñecar and Salobreña. Wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, hills and Sierra Nevada mountains are evident in all directions! You can even see the coastline of Africa on a clear day.

Short treks of an hour or more available daily! Riding lessons are available by the hour. Childrens parties can be arranged. We cater for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

We are very lucky having the Alpujarras hills and Sierra Nevada mountains on our doorstep. Easy hacks or challenging trail rides. There is something here for all. We have a varied choice of ride from 1 hour to a 8 day multi-day trail ride high in the mountains.

Our Horses

Our horses are fully trained to be ridden either western style or traditional style. We have a wide choice of horses of varying ages to suit the beginner and advanced rider for our horse riding holidays in Spain.

Latest Guest Comments

Latest Horse News!

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