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April has been a busy month on the farm… hence the lateness of this blog post!  April is the start of our busy season so we have had plenty to keep us occupied.  We have had lots of treks going out with the horses getting nice and fit! The snow high in the Sierra Nevada, which has stopped us reaching some of our higher routes has now gone. Sarah took the guides for a day out and taught us a new route high up into the Poqueira gorge which was absolutely beautiful!

Valium Buy India


We’ve had some lovely updates from the new owners of some of our favourite horses to let us know how they’re getting on.

This is from Mimi’s owner Caroline:

“Just thought you would like to see some pics of Mimi – taken last Sept doing Novice Show (we came 5th) for the first time. At home her dressage is progressing from strength to strength and she looks beautiful but when away competing she gets somewhat distracted!!  I will have to find some “au natural” pics of the L’Oreal girl – she’s everything you said about her – will do anything, a lovely person (can be feisty), she’s taught me a lot and I love her to bits. It’s her 11th birthday today and I can’t believe it’s 3 years ago this month that we came to Lanjaron!  We are visiting Seville and Cordoba next month and I have had strict instructions to keep well away from horses. You have a lovely new look web site and we hope to come and visit again before too long.”

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We’ve also heard from La Mora’s new owner in Switzerland, who says La Mora is “such a gorgeous girl. Kindness, intelligence and beauty in one.” We couldn’t agree more!!  La Mora looks like she is living the life of luxury, with a huge paddock full of grass and some stunning mountains to remind her of Spain in the background.

Cheapest Valium Online Buy


We’ve had some absolutely fantastic helpers with us over the last few months, including two Bulgarian boys, Miki and Vince.  As personal trainers they had so much energy that they even did workouts after work! Which is when most of us collapse. They were in training for ‘The Biggest Gameshow in the World’, where teams from different countries compete in something that looks like Wipeout crossed with the Krypton Factor. We will certainly be cheering them on! Coralie from France and Rica from Germany have also been long term helpers who are worth their weight in gold… always cheerful, happy to help and their love and care for the horses is fantastic to see. We will be sad to see Rica leave us in the middle of May but are hoping to keep hold of Coralie for a while longer! They have been doing some fantastic work with some of our less experienced horses, including Freya who has come to stay with us for the summer.

Buy Diazepam Online Europe


We’ve been busy taking lots of treks out, Pelu has been an absolute star with lots of people falling in love with her this month.  Eleanor and Lorraine took Pelu and Pieper on trek at the start of the month and they both took some incredible photos and videos of our rides.  Here’s a couple but hopefully we will add some more soon!

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Trifle also completed her first overnight trek, spending two nights in the mountains with Miro and Diamond. She took on the challenge of being lead horse and behaved incredibly well. She even had enough energy left to gallop up the steep field in the mountains, after a hard day’s work!

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Diazepam Buy Now

1000 Valium Cheap


Ted is STILL our dog of the month! We would love for him to find a new home where he can get some one on one attention and really bond with someone. He gets plenty of love and affection from all of us on the farm but he really deserves somewhere to call his own. He is ever such a well behaved boy who gets on with all our other dogs, cats, geese and horses!  This is Ted as a pup, he’s the boy on the right with the lovely sandy coloured ears!

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We’ve had some great feedback from clients, including the following comments:

Hola Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you very much for arranging a fantastic ride for me today. It is a shame that the weather didn’t cooperate but Flicka more than made up for it by carrying me around the mountain like the professional she is, and also showing an impressive turn of speed (Amy
told me she is a talented dirt track racer: that sounds like a lot of fun!). Amy was an excellent guide and Ruby an impressive mare. It was great to be driven to and from the ranch by Nigel too, who was able to tell me about the area, the ranch and the horses. Overall, I’ve had a brilliant day. Thank you very much. Yvonne.

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and all at Caballo Blanco for an amazing ride out last Monday! My guide Becky was a total delight and I could not have asked for a better horse than Pieper. She was a dream. Very responsive and such a hard wee worker. You guys clearly care greatly for all your animals and I can’t commend you enough for the job you are doing there. I had a totally amazing day and really hope to get back sometime soon. Will maybe be able to make a longer holiday next time. Thanks again so much. Leeona. 

Hola Sarah, I loved riding with you so much that i decided to go on another ride. I had it today with another riding stables near the coast and I must say riding with you was much better!  Today’s trip was so boring. Most of it on tarmac, no cantering and they spoke Danish all day with each other and didn’t bother talking with me much.  You guys have been awesome and am planning to write great reviews and tell my friends about Caballo Blanco. Will send you some pics from our rides with Emma once I get a chance to photoshop them. Gosia.


May is shaping up to be a busy month here at Caballo Blanco, we’re also hosting the BHS Challenge Ride at the end of the month, which you can read more about here

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