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Well then, I am here for the last two weeks looking forward for more times ahead. The Caballo Blanco farm is located on this amazing hill in the Sierra Nevada range, overlooking a beautiful valley with towns, rivers and even a lake! The stables and horses are surrounded by olive and almond orchards and snowy peaks are hanging above.

Originally I come from another spot around the mediterranean, the Menashe hills, Israel, where I complete my graduate studies in agriculture and raise arabian horses. But to this place I came for the famous Andalucian horses and scenaries. And it hasnt failed yet to impress me!

But yesterday was the height of my stay so far! I had a day long ride to the lake below. I rode down narow mountain tracks, finally reaching a river with a hippie village, Beneficio. Riding down the river past the outskirts of a bigger village, Orgiva and continuing down through the olives until reaching a much bigger river. Following the river we approached the lake where we sat and had our picnic lunch. Then with the sun starting to go down towards the mountains, we headed back home through different rivers, different towns and different hills.

Nothing like getting back to this nice cup of tea and a cozy kitchen after such a day. Amazing!

Or Sperling

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