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Dear Sarah and Caballo Blanco Gang,

My name is Hannah Rose Rathbone, I’m sure you do not remember me because you have so many travelers visit your farm! I was one of your many WWOOFers!

I was there for about one month in the spring of 2007, when Sarah was expecting! I’m writing you this e-mail because I wanted you to know what a wonderful experience I had at your farm, it was probably the best month of my life! And I wanted to get the chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One day I hope to visit once again. I often think about Caballo Blanco and the friends I made there, Laura and Marion. Over the past few years I have lost contact with them and was wondering if you might know what they are up to, or how I may contact them?

Any way I hope all with well with the gang and all the horses too of course!

Thank you again for an experience I will NEVER forget!

Hannah Rose Rathbone

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