Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide riding hats or do we need to bring our own?
We have riding hats for everyone, and some boots to borrow (although normally your own walking boots will be fine for riding).  You are welcome to bring your own hat if you prefer

What languages are spoken by the guide?
English and Spanish are spoken at the Ranch, and lessons can be given in English, Spanish and German.   Some French also spoken.

Are there any special health requirements?
No special health requirements, although you will be asked your level of fitness, so we can plan the appropriate number of hours in the saddle .

Is there an age limit?

Can tuition be provided?
Yes, BHS instruction available

What are the breeds of horses?
Mainly purebred Andalucian & Andalucian and Arab crosses, also Cobs and ponies.

What are the heights of the horses available?
Between 12hh – 17hh

Is there a weight limit?
Yes, 100 kgs/16 stone.

What type of tack is used?
Mainly English tack, although we do have some Western saddles

Will we need to bring bed linen, towels etc or are they provided?
The accommodation provides bed linen, towels etc.

From what dates will the swimming pool be open at the Casa del Viento?
The pool is normally open by easter (which is 4 April next year). However, if we have a very warm Spring, it can be open earlier (depends on the weather!)

If we book a transfer from the airport, and the timing allows, could we stop to shop in a supermarket?
Although all meals are provided, we do offer a ‘stop to shop’ service with transfers, where we will take you to a large city supermarket if you would like to shop for one hour before arriving at your accommodation!  The transfer costs an additonal 10 euros for this service.

Do you offer rides for single riders?
All rides can accommodate single guests.

Do you take beginners/novice riders?
Horses suitable for complete beginners to experienced riders are available and your hosts will ensure that you are placed on treks with riders of similar experience levels.

Do you take children on the treks?
Children may join family treks, or ride with other children of similar ages, from the age of 5. Lessons can be given to 4 year olds and above.

Can we canter and gallop?
There are plenty of opportunities to canter or gallop.  Although the terrain is mountainous, we have ensured the route gives opportunities on each and every ride (if you are already competent at walk, trot and canter)