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Directions to the stables from Lanjaron town

N.B MUST phone ahead, before arrival, so we can ensure there is someone at the Ranch to greet you at your ETA

From Granada head towards Motril and the Coast. Follow the signs to Lanjaron and upon reaching the village you will turn right
onto the bypass. Just before leaving Lanjaron you will notice a Repsol Petrol Station on your left hand side. 600 metres past the Repsol garage there is a left hand turn, with our sign, Caballo Blanco in the bank.

Turn left up this steep concrete track and continue up for 15 minutes, following the signs to Caballo Blanco. A third
of the way up to the Ranch you will go under a bridge. Keep left after the bridge. The last sign is on a sharp right hand bend by a white rock: head down the track and park where you see the other cars below.

If you have any problems finding us, please ring 0034 627794891.

Travelling Information

Order Diazepam Australia - Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Spain

Granada airport is only 45 minutes away. You can fly there British Airways from London City Airport. If you are coming out on a long weekend we STRONGLY recommend this airport to maximise your time with us.

Malaga is the most convenient for most people. Transfer times are approx 90 minutes

If you are flying into Malaga and your flight is delayed or even brought forward for any reason it would be a great help if you could text or call us on 0034 627 794 891 to let us know BEFORE you get on the plane!

If you book well enough in advance you can get flights for as little as £50 return.. Please note that Ryan Air have a VERY strict baggage allowance policy so it is well worth checking before you get to the airport! Don’t forget, if you have any questions you can check out our FAQ’s page or email us for more information . You can contact us from our Contact Us page.

By Bus

There is also a fantastic bus service connecting the local villages and cities. Extremely cheap and reliable!

By Train

The train service is usually more expensive and longer than the coach/bus. Only available from Granada!

By Car

For information on car hire from either airport please feel free to drop us an email. We often hear of the best deals from other guests who have been out before or have already been through the process! At the moment we recommend All Inclusive.

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Valium Buy India