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Dear Sarah

Im back in rainy and cold England….its such a climate shock! And sick at home (like a mild food poisoning)….I can only think its got something to do with the chicken salad I had at the airport in Malaga.

I truely enjoyed my week at your yard. It has made me so much more confidence in the handling and riding of horses. And I am so impressed of what your horses are capable of (the way they walk up the mountain they reminded me of mountain goats sometimes). I now understand why they need to eat all that muesli!

The area is stunning and I cant remember ever seeing a landscape like it before in my life! And the best way to explore that area is on the back of a horse! Trekking through the hippie community was really interesting, I didn’t realise these places still exist.

Staying at your place made me realise how hectic and crazy life in England can be. And how we really dont need a lot of the luxeries we have at home to enjoy life! Just a warm shower at the end of the day is all I need to stay happy! It has made me realise what is truely important in life.

Thank you Sarah, Ali and Jayne….and all the lovely horses and dogs for a lovely week!

Kind regards,


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