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Have been staying at Caballo Blanco horse riding centre for a month now, the weather is beautiful and the views are lush. Have nearly forgotten that this hasn’t always been my life and that soon am going to leave. Caballo Blanco is a horse trekking center in the Alpujarras mountains in the south of Spain. Have been woofing here, feeding and looking after the horses and doing lots of riding around the mountains. Keep changing my mind about which horse i like to ride the best, but has been great to have the opportunity to ride lots of different ones.

I will definitely remember setting out on the two hour ride on my own tired and grumpy and coming back refreshed and happy. I really enjoyed doing this on Domingo a beautiful flea bitten grey andalucian horse and on another occasion on Ossian a 16.2hh? five year old gelding who is great fun. The views from the top of a mountain are incredible looking down at the town of Orgiva in the valley, the med in the distance and all the mountains all around. Cantering along the track way up a mountain feels great!

Domingo likes to do dressage while you are trying to adjust the stirrups! Carries himself like in the classic andalucian way and is lovely to ride, makes anyone who sits on him look good! When i first got here and he wasn’t going out on rides he was very speedy liked to jog and dance and canter on the spot. Now with doing more work he is a real pleasure.

Have had the opportunity to go on a few day rides which have been great going really far around the mountains through the hippy village Beneficio (bbeautifullush green in the morning sun with the river cutting through the middle) around the town and past a huge reservoir.

Will be very sad to leave, but looking forward to coming back already.

Jo Ritter

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