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I had an amazing two weeks holiday at Caballo Blanco horse riding in Andalucia – it’s certainly very different to rainy Manchester!  The first thing to say is that the mountain scenery is incredible.  The wildlife is also really something marvel at.  During my two weeks I saw goats, lizards, dogs, geese, a snake and even a soaring eagle!
The horses are obviously the main attraction and they were all fantastic; very well-schooled, but a real mix of temperaments, so there is more or less something for everybody.  It was really interesting to watch Sarah begin to train the new arrival, Terrence.  I also met some lovely people who were also trekking and working at Caballo Blanco.  All in all, a brilliant two weeks – I would definitely recommend you visit and see for yourself!

Buy Valium In Australia Online, Buy Valium 2Mg Uk

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