Itinerary of a typical working holiday week

Day one:

Up and breakfasted before 7.30am, feed, water and hay the horses, muck out
Bareback some horses to meadow
Coffee break at 10am
Tack up horses for 2 hour trail ride and ride out with guide
Untack horses, wash down
Bareback back horses from meadow
2nd feed horses 4ish
6pm Free to explore for the rest of the day (eg.  take out horse to explore on horse back, or walk down mule track to town or work on horse in school etc.)

Day two:

6 hours helping out (including help with childrens lessons, schooling new horses, and walking dogs)
One hour lesson and one hour ´joinup lesson´
6pm Free to explore for the rest of the day

Day three:

Approx. 5 hours helping out (including help with tacking                up for ride and schooling new horses, helping cook dinner)  plus fast  trail ride 6pm Free to explore for the rest of the day

Day four:

DAY OFF (full day to check out Granada or beaches etc or explore countryside by horse back)

Day five:

Approx. six hours helping out plus one hour lesson, one hour hack

Day Six:


Day Seven:

Approx 5 hours helping out plus……..your Choice: jumping lesson/dressage lesson or  riding out or exploring on horseback.

This is a very rough itinerary.  Often we have full day trail rides or 3 and 4 day treks, and you may get opportunities to join them.

We ask you to bring with you a copy of your medical and accident insurance that covers you for sports (including horseback riding).

210 euros for 1 wk pp
360 euros for 2 wk pp
490 euros for 3 wk pp

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